dreamXchange is the doorway
to self-employment


Formal jobs are on the decline.  About 5 out of every 100 South Africans will land a formal, full time job in any given year.

We can’t solve unemployment by GIVING people jobs, where there are none to give.

Over 80% of employment in Sub-Saharan Africa is in the informal sector. (Mo Ebrahim Foundation)

Worldwide, more people are working part-time, freelancing, choosing flexibility and freedom, being a part of the “Gig” economy…

The only way out of unemployment is to open the doorway to self-empowerment and self-employment.


dreamXchange is a WEB PORTAL that connects people with other people by offering simple, user-friendly functionality through which ANYONE can share work opportunities, training and tools of the trade, to help EVERYONE become economically active.

What can YOU exchange to bring about change?

Watch here to see just how easy it is to help someone via dreamXchange